We had the pleasure of working with Albert of New Jersey Flooring. I was impressed by his knowledge, promptness and professionalism. The job was done on time, they were very clean, polite and I highly recommend Albert. We have white oak flooring and the contractor who put the floors in did a great job installing them this was done three years ago (wish I knew of Albert then!) the contractor insisted that water base was just as good as oil, it would dry faster, there would be no odors, etc. I believed him. What I was left with was a floor that stained easily, was not as easy to clean and the finish did not even last two years. I just had the floors redone by Albert, this time using an oil base. What a difference in the appearance! They look beautiful and I will not have the staining and wear that I had when I used a water based product. Yes, there is an odor for a day or two, but it's better quality as the finished result. Very impressed with the work done by Albert and his Team!